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Updated: Jul 4, 2021



Surf and weather conditions

If you are hiring a day or so in advance please check weather and surf reports beforehand - if in doubt, hire on the day. Walking On Waves webcam provides live uninterrupted coverage of the surf at Saunton Sands and a link to our surf hire page is just below the webcam view.

Local surfers

It’s always good to see you, but please remember we get rushed off our feet from Easter until the end of October each year and don't have quite so much time for a chat...

Car park

On sunny days and school holidays, the car park can be full by 10:30 or before so please bear this in mind when travelling to Saunton. After the morning session, many people will leave the beach and generally there are parking spaces available from 15:00.

If you find yourself in a queue near the entrance to Saunton Sands, have your surf hire booking displayed on a mobile or tablet so that the car park officials can see you have a valid booking for the day in question and they will do their best to get you a parking space.

Booking surf hire at the shop

Once you have scanned the QR codes displayed on the windows facing Walking On Waves surf school please move well away from the shop doors to complete the hiring process. You can also type ‘saunton surf hire’ into Google - we are at the top of the page.

Surfboard selection

Our ‘Soft surfboards’ appear in poll position on our hire web shop because they are the best choice if you have never surfed, or have only surfed a few times.

A step up from soft boards is the Torq soft/hard and Hot Surf 69 soft/hard surfboards. They range in length from 7’.0 to 9’.0, are more maneuverable than soft boards and turn more easily - pick the length to suit your height and weight.

We also have a great selection of hard surfboards ranging in length from 7’.0 to 10’.2 from Southpoint, Torq, NSP and BIC.

Wetsuit selection

Please use our wetsuit size guide because if you order the wrong size wetsuit it may not be possible to change it on pick up day.

Ladies wetsuits are sized by dress size, for example, size 8, 10, 12 and so on. Ladies size 6 is equivalent to Junior wetsuit size 16.

Men’s wetsuits are sized from small to 3 x extra large

Junior wetsuits are sized by age but please refer to the wetsuit size guide for accurate sizing

Saunton Surf Hire has been operating 100% ‘click and collect’ surf hire since November 2019, please go to Check Hire Availability & Book Online the first page you land on has a wetsuit size guide in PDF format.

Booking in advance (multi-day hires)

Guarantees your hires will be available even if you pick up late.

Multi-day hires are considerably cheaper than day hires (up to 42% for 1 week) and your enjoyment isn’t restricted to our shop hours. We also hire roof racks for those of you not based at Saunton Sands.


Before hitting the ‘pay now’ button at the checkout you will need to confirm you have read our terms and conditions. It is very important that you read and fully understand them.

Direct Selling Regulations

The following contracts do not have a right to cancel:

“the supply of accommodation, transport of goods, vehicle rental services, catering or services related to *leisure activities if the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance - for example, hotel bookings, courier services, car hire, restaurant bookings and theatre tickets for specific dates.”

*leisure activities include such things as tennis lessons, surf lessons, surf hire and many other activities that are booked for a specific date or period of performance.

We are doing our bit to help stop the spread of COVID19 - Surf hire is only available via our website 'click & collect' service which works on every platform type e.g. mobile, tablet & PC

Purchases of bodyboards, wax, leashes and all other retail products from our premises - we are allowing no more than two customers at a time to buy or browse in our shop premises on Saunton beach.

SURF HIRE - guidance for those busy days at Saunton Sands

  • make sure you arrive at Saunton in plenty of time to collect your hires as we cannot alter pick up and return times on the day if you are unable to get to the beach

  • If you are in any doubt, wait until to get to the beach and then use your smartphone to 'click & collect'

SURF HIRE - pick up and return dates and times

  • pick up and return dates/times are those you have selected during the booking process and in most cases cannot be altered on the day

  • overage will be charged for late hire returns

  • please fully read your email confirmation notes - a one minute read

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