Hot surf 69 Soft/hard Bunyip Bandit  Round Tail

Hot surf 69 Soft/hard Bunyip Bandit Round Tail

The new Exciting range from Hotsurf 69 “The Bunyip Bandit Range “.    This board is the new level of performance soft boards, its unique construction allows everyone from kids, adults, learners and rippers to have fun in all conditions. The new 7ft and 7.6 shapes come with EVA tail and rail protectors.

  • Construction

    *Full Deck Chameleon Grip

    *100% Waterproof EPS Core

    *Shock Proof Deck With Epoxy Underlay

    *Rapid HDPE Slick Bottom

    *Progressive Shape

    *Double Stringer System

    * The New Tail and Rail Bumper – New added EVA tail protector.

    *FCS System  (Inc Free set of FCS Fins)

    About the Features

    Chameleon Grip – This gives the rider grip without needing wax .

    100% waterproof core – Improves the lifespan of the board and keep its strength.

    Epoxy Underlay –  Gives the board Strength and makes the board ride like a hardboard and the key to its performance.

    HDPE Slick –  Gives the board Strength and helps with performance.

    Progressive Shape – The shape allows the board to help wave count but keeps and with its Progressive outline helps with turning, and riding in all conditions.

    Stringer System –  Helps to keep the board strong and gives the board flex to feel like a proper surfboard.

    Round tail –  Gives the board more performance and makes it easier to turn.

    FCS Fins – This makes travel easy and allows you to your upgrade fins and improves the performance.

PriceFrom £300.00
VAT Included